01 DEC 2017

A day in Wheatley

I spent a very enjoyable day today in Wheatley. It was very good to be back in the village again and I was able to do and see a lot.

 First, I started at the Merry Bells with a little surgery. It was very good to discuss ME with a constituent who reminded me of the article I had appeared in alongside campaigners. There is still much more to do here but we await new guidelines from NICE. While there I was also happy to help put up the Christmas tree and chat to some interesting people.

I then went on to Wheatley Fire Station where they had arranged a demonstration for me by firefighters of what they did and what equipment they used to deal with a road traffic accident. It was an excellent demonstration and it was good to see more women becoming firefighters. I was conscious of how quiet and calming it was around the demonstration – to keep those who might be trapped calm. In looking over the fire engine I was struck by the range of equipment a tender carries with it.

Finally, I called in at the village post office in its new location where a Barclays Bank had existed before. I was glad I was able to help with the siting of the post office and I was pleased to be invited to open it. It is a very good example of seeing how this sort of business thrives by keeping someone with business experience in charge.

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